Original Music

“Call us Roto-Rooters! We love James Rotondi!” raved the New York Post in 2010. From solo gigs at the Fillmore in San Francisco to the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC, James Rotondi (often under his nomme du guerre “Roto”) has performed original songs across the country over the last decade, releasing the critically acclaimed “Summer Home” album in 2009, which critics have called “hip, seductive and brilliantly produced.” He is also the co-writer and singer of NYC rock band The Cringe, the founder of the Bad Eliots, one half of 80s-inspired duo Spy Empire, and is a regular member of the songwriting workshop founded by Austin tunesmith Bob Schneider, whose members have included Matt Nathanson, Jason Mraz, Ari Hest, and others.

Howling at the Moon from the upcoming album “Into The Unknown”.


Tracks from Roto’s previous album “Summer Home”